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If you are working on a computer that is powered by Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, that is something to cheer about. Microsoft, in one of their latest announcements, has said that it would be offering for its default apps such as RT Mail, People, Calendar and Messaging. Well, here in this article, we will dive into a detailed overview of a Microsoft Windows update.

Mail App

Microsoft has indicated that the mail section in Windows 8 will be much more improved and easy to use, as compared to the previous versions of the Windows operating system. You can now sync them very easily and also, you will also be able to mark the messages as “read”, or simply delete them from the folder. Apart from that, the new app will also allow you to toggle flags, and search for the mail directly from the server.

In addition, composing a message would be made much simpler and easier. That is, it would give you suggestions as to whom you would like to send an email to, depending upon the number of times you have sent a mail to them.

Calendar App


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A number of changes have been incorporated into this app. One such change is the Work Week View, that would help you to concentrate on the week’s appointments. You would find changes in the fonts and colors as well, and the date would be seen in a marker. With the new update, you can check availability for people’s meeting times, forward invites, email all attendees, and set up recurring events.

Unfortunately, Google Sync support has been removed in this update. As such, you will not be able to sync Google Calendars in Windows 8, in case you update the app. Now, in case you are very particular about the Google Sync support, then the best idea is not to go for the update, until any new improvements take place.

People App

With this updated app, you can post directly on your friend’s wall. In addition, Microsoft has also improved the navigation of this app, and also enables you to check that simply when you toggle the app’s Options pane.

Messaging App

When it comes to the Messaging App, there is no major Microsoft Windows update and that is not good news, as it was one of the most promising apps of Windows 8.

That brings us to the end of this post on Microsoft Windows 8 apps update. More information about this can be availed from tech magazines and websites.

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