Get Rid Of The Windows Genuine Advantage Error

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How can you make sure you are using a genuine Windows OS? All Windows Operating Systems come with an application called the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA). This application is designed to check and verify whether you are using a genuine copy of the Windows OS. It goes online and tries to validate the licence key entered during the installation process.

The Windows verification error

If your OS is not verified as a genuine product (probably because you are using a pirated version), the application will mark your OS as a pirated copy and will prompt you to purchase the genuine windows OS. But there have been cases where even the genuine Windows users got the ‘pirated version’ message. Once this has happened you will be constantly reminded to change the OS, even worse the Operating System could get deactivated forcing you to make the purchase.

The genuine Windows OS users, who have this problem, can contact the Microsoft help and find a solution.

How to disable the error message?

You can stop the error message from popping up by following the steps mentioned here. Before you do, make sure to create back-up discs for all the files in your system.

  • Restart your system while holding down the ‘F8’ function key. Choose to start the operating system in the ‘safe mode’.
  • Then go the Start Menu and open the ‘Run’ application dialog box. Type-in the command ‘regedit’ to access and run the registry editor application.

    Genuine Windows OS

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  • Before you make any changes, go to the Registry Editor main menu, click the ‘File’ option, and open the ‘export’ menu. Give ‘All’ as the ‘Export Range’. You would be asked to give a location for saving the file. This will create a back-up of all the registry files, to be used in case of an error.
  • Go the editor main screen, search and find the folder ‘wgalogon’. This folder contains all the Windows Genuine Advantage registry entries. Delete the folder to get rid of all the Windows Genuine registry files. Now exit from the Registry Editor.
  • Now open the Search application box from the Start menu or in the Windows Explorer. Type ‘wga*’ in the search box to find all the Windows Genuine Advantage related files. Delete all the ‘wga’ files.
  • Now you can go back to using the Operating System in the normal mode.

Make sure you are not the victim of software piracy. Call the Microsoft help phone line and follow their instructions to validate your product without using the Windows Genuine Advantage application.

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