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How to use Text Wrap

Microsoft Publisher is an application from Microsoft that helps users with entry-level desktop publishing. In Microsoft Word, the emphasis was on text composition and proofing, but in Microsoft Publisher, it is on design and page layout. The current Microsoft Publisher version in use is Microsoft Publisher 2010.  This application helps you to start creating professional brochures, post cards, newsletters, greetings, calendars and more. You can easily create, design, personalize and share these brochures, greetings etc one you finish making them.

Microsoft Publisher 2007 has got improved picture editing tools, print experience, text wrapping etc. to make your publishing experience worthwhile. A feature called Text wrap in Microsoft Publisher 2007 is used to wrap the surrounding texts in various ways you like. By using the “Text Wrapping” button in Publisher, text can be wrapped in various ways around and object. The Microsoft help instructions given below shall help you use the Microsoft Publisher and the Text Wrap feature in it better.

Microsoft help instructions to use Text Wrap in Microsoft Publisher

  • Start the Microsoft Publisher 2007 application on your computer.
  • Open any existing document that includes an image or other object on which you would like to wrap the text around. The object will be then surrounded by white sizing handles.
  • From the Picture toolbar, select the “Text Wrapping” button. The options for text wrapping will drop-down below the button.
  • For wrapping text around an invisible frame surrounding the image, Choose “Square” text wrapping.

    Microsoft help

    How to use Text Wrap

  • For wrapping the text around the edges of the selected object, click the “Tight” selection. Now, to put the text over the object, you can make the “Through” selection. For wrapping text around the top and the bottom of the object without wrapping text on either side of the object, choose the option, “Top and Bottom“.
  • Once you select any of these options, it shall be applied to the selected object or image. If you want to you can choose more types of wrappings after using one.

So, that’s how the Microsoft help team instructs using the Text wrap feature in Microsoft Publisher app to create brochures, greetings, newsletters, postcards and the like. It’s so simple and easy to make your own custom designs with Microsoft Publisher.

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