Microsoft help to check if Word is installed on the computer

Microsoft help

Microsoft word on a computer

As pen and paper are important to writers, Microsoft Word is an essential tool for anyone creating documents. Microsoft Word is a word processing and text editing application bundled with Microsoft Office suite of programs. There are many versions of Word that Microsoft released like, Microsoft Word 2002, 2003, 2007 and the recent one for Windows that is Microsoft Word 2010. With this handy word processing tool, you can create various documents like, letters, newsletters, reports, web pages etc and they can also be used for mail merging. After creating word documents, you can also mail them from there itself.

By default, the Word application will be installed in the Program Files folder of your hard drive. If you can’t locate the program on your computer, the following Microsoft help guidelines will help you to search for and determine whether the Word application is installed on your system or not.

Microsoft help instructions to determine whether Word is installed on a computer

  • Go to your “Start” menu and access the option labeled, “All Programs”. In the list of programs that appear, scroll through carefully to spot the “Microsoft Office” program.  You will see that the programs are listed in the alphabetical order by default, so that it’s easy for you to notice. After finding the Microsoft Office folder, click on it to expand. If the program is installed on your computer, a shortcut to the Word application will appear.
  • From your task bar’s “Start” menu, open your “My Computer” folder. Select the “Program Files” folder and search for a folder called “Office” or “Office 12.”If the folder exists, to locate the executable program file for Microsoft Word, open the folder.

    Microsoft help

    Microsoft word on a computer

  • Go to “control Panel” from your “Start” menu to access the “Add or Remove Programs” utility. The system will list a number of currently installed programs in the “Add or Remove Programs” window that can be uninstalled from your hard drive. Navigate through this list to spot the program named “Microsoft Office”. If you can see this program listed anywhere in this screen, then it means that the Microsoft word program is installed on your computer.
  • From the “Start” menu, or by pressing the Windows button + “R”, you can open the “Run” dialog. Enter “winword.exe” into the run box and hit enter. If the program is installed, and not been renamed, it will be run.

So, that’s how the Microsoft help team assists to find the Microsoft Word installed on your computer

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