Microsoft help for Windows Live Messenger with no Video

Microsoft help

Windows Live Messenger Video issues

The error codes or messages shown with an error in Windows Live messenger help users to identify the originating source of those errors. Windows Live messenger often encounters issues with the video connection. Often these issues can be easily solved following these Microsoft guidelines.

Microsoft help instructions

Basic troubleshooting methods

  • Using a broadband connection, connect to Windows Live messenger. High-speed internet access is required for audio and video calls to function properly.
  • Check whether the webcam is connected and installed properly. Open any other application that uses video, like Facebook or the software included with the webcam, and test to see if the video capture works. Reinstall the device If not using the installation software.
    • Connect to Windows Live messenger.
    • Press “ALT,” and click the “Tools” menu.
    • Select “Audio and Video Setup” and to configure the webcam options, follow the onscreen instructions.

Blocking Quality of Service (QoS) Packets

  • Open the “Start Menu” and in the search field, type “Network and Sharing“.
    • Click on the link for the “Network and Sharing Center“.
    • Choose “Manage Network Connections“.
    • Right-click on the connection icon that shows “Connected” status and choose “Properties“.
    • To clear it, click the “QoS Packet Scheduler” check box and click “OK“.

Uninstall Third-Party Programs

  • In the search bar of the “Start” menu, Type “appwiz.cpl” and in the results, click on the link that appears.

    Microsoft help

    Windows Live Messenger Video issues

  • Navigate through the list of installed programs and locate applications related to Messenger.
    • Highlight one of the programs listed and click the “Uninstall” button.
    • If prompted, restart the computer and check the video in Messenger.
    • If more third-party applications are installed, repeat the previous steps.

Microsoft help to Stop Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)

  • From the “Start” menu, open the “Control Panel“.
  • In the classic view, double-click on “Administrative Tools“.
    • Double-click on “Services” to select.
    • Navigate down; highlight the “IPsec Policy Agent” service and right-click on it.
    • From the contextual menu, choose “Stop“.
    • Again test the video in Windows Live messenger. Restart the “IPsec Policy Agent“. If the problem persists, by repeating the previous steps and choose “Start” from the contextual menu.

So that’s how the Microsoft help team advice you to deal with the video issues in Windows live Messenger.

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