Microsoft help for using PowerPoint in Mac

Microsoft help

Using PowerPoint for Mac

Even though Microsoft develops PowerPoint for Mac and PowerPoint for Windows, both are very different in terms of user interface. The way you create presentations in both versions vary a lot. A number of pre-set “Themes” provides a consistent look and feel to your presentation. Themes contain art, color, font choices and color themes. In this article you can find instructions for using Microsoft PowerPoint meant for Mac computers.

Microsoft help instructions

What you can find below are the instructions suggested by the Microsoft help team which will assist you in the process of using PowerPoint in your Mac computer.

  1. Start off by double clicking on the icon of Microsoft PowerPoint located in the applications folder of your Mac computer.
  2. Go to the tab titled “Slide Themes” from the list of tabs located under the main toolbar.
  3. Click on the tab titled “Slide Layout”. Select the layout which you would like to use for your PowerPoint slide from the options. Keep the “Apply to slide” selected for applying the layout to the existing slide. Select the option which says “Inset New Slide” and choose a layout option for adding another slide to your presentation.
  4. Click on the slide for adding your own text to it.
  5. For adding elements to your slide, click on the element buttons included in the slide layout or by pressing the “Text Box”, “Shapes”, “Pictures”, “Media” or “Table” buttons in the toolbar. Insert a chart by clicking on the “Chart” tab and choosing from the available options.

    Microsoft help

    Using PowerPoint for Mac

  6. Go to the “Transitions” tab for including transitions between your slides. Choose a transition from the menu to get a preview of it. Click on the button labeled “Options” for adjusting the settings for that specific transition. Click on the button titled “Apply to All” located in the “Options” window for using the same transition between every slide.
  7. Go to the menu for “Slide Show” and click on “View Slide Show” in the PowerPoint for Mac for previewing your work.
  8. Finally, click on the option which says “Save” from the “File” menu for saving your PowerPoint presentation.

That’s all with the Microsoft help instructions for using PowerPoint for Mac. Have a good day!

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