Microsoft Help and Support on how to fix error with Windows XP Power options

Microsoft Help

Fix Windows XP Power options

Many of you who have your computers running on Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system will definitely have noticed the “Power Settings” option on it. And as such, the team with Microsoft Help and Support points out that you can improve the battery life for your machine by employing a more conservative power setting, also allowing you to run your machine at full throttle for optimum performance.

However, in getting on with our article and the task at hand, if your power scheme does not fit your hardware/software needs, the Microsoft help team explains that you might very well experience difficulty with your computer monitor shutting off randomly or also of your system’s ability to hibernate.

So, let us now take a look at a simple guide as formulated by the Microsoft Help and Support team aimed at helping you to successfully resolve such errors with your Windows XP Power options.

Here is how.

Resolving errors with Windows XP Power Options

The steps are as given below:

1. To first begin with, the team suggests you get on your Windows “Start” menu and then click on “Control Panel“.

2. Following which, double click on “Power Options” so as to access your power options and its properties.

3. Click on the resulting drop-down box and select the power scheme you wish to configure then click on the “Turn Off Monitor” drop-down box and setting it accordingly.

NOTE: Make use of a lower shutoff time for a laptop and a higher time or even “Never” for a desktop computer.

4. Also select the “System Standby” drop-down box and set it accordingly. This should automatically shut off your system drives, monitor and fans in conserving more power. The team also suggests you consider using a shorter standby time for a laptop and a longer standby time for a desktop.

Microsoft Help

Fix Windows XP Power options

5. Next up, click on the “Turn Off Hard Disk” drop-down box if you don’t wish for your system standby feature to be active, but want the hard drive to shut off to conserve power. Set it accordingly.

6. Now click on “Hibernate” tab in setting your computer up to hibernate following which, place a checkmark next to “Enable Hibernation” to turn this feature on.

7. Finally, click on the “Advanced” tab and remove the checkmarks next to “Prompt for Password When Computer Resumes from Standby“. This is only if you wish for your Windows desktop to resume without prompting you for your Windows XP password every time.

This completes the Microsoft help instructions. Have a nice day!


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