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The database application for Microsoft Access is known as Microsoft Office Access. It was previously termed Microsoft Access. It happens to be a database management system from Microsoft. It combines the relational Microsoft Jet database Engine with a graphical user interface as well as various software development tools. It is now included in the Microsoft Office suite of applications. This includes Professional and higher editions. They are sold separately.  MS Access stores data using a format of its own. It imports or links directly to data in other databases and applications.

Several versions of Access have been launched since its release in 1992. Many ways of learning to use the software are also available. Standard Windows tools comes n handy when you need help for Microsoft Office Access. Finding a solution to your problem is now possible within a matter of minutes. Follow the procedure below in order to get free Microsoft Access help.

Procedure to get Free Microsoft Access Help

  • Initiate this procedure by starting Microsoft Office Access. Go to the menu bar. Click “Help.” It is possible to search a subject by topic in the help menu. Click “Search” in order to find a solution. In order to look up a topic alphabetically, click “Index.” If you need a list of standard queries, click “Contents.” Microsoft Help provides step-by-step instructions in order to complete basic tasks or solving problems within the Microsoft Office Access application.
  • It is then required that you go to the Microsoft Office Access web page in order to get free help. Click “Get Started with Microsoft Access 2010” in order to be able to view a list of situations for which Microsoft provides help. Then proceed to click “Basic Tasks in Access 2010” in order to view a list of the free help article. The Microsoft Office Access website is also able to provide assistance for the latest version of Access.
  • Choose a way of contacting Microsoft with your problem from the Microsoft help and Support page. It is possible to chat live with a representative, email or call. This completes the procedure to get free Microsoft Access help.

This should be all the help you need in order to get free Microsoft Access help. Feel free to contact the Microsoft help center if you need technical support. Also visit the Microsoft help website if you need more information.

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