Check Out The Best Gaming Computers Under $1500

best gaming computer, gaming systems

gaming computer configuration

If you are in search for the best gaming computer at a price of $1500 or less, which lets you play all those high-end graphical games, this article might be helpful for you. Numerous gaming systems are available in the market and it is important that you buy the one that suits your needs best. Let us find out some of the best gaming PCs available in the market and find out its various features, which put them on top.


When you think of the best gaming computer, the computers by Origin would surely be in it. One of their gaming computers under the price tag of $1500 is the Origin Bitfenix Prodigy. This computer has a fast SSD and an over-clocked CPU, which makes it one of the best performers among gaming systems. With its fast SSD, the boot time of this model is faster when compared to the others, i.e. the computer loads in 27 seconds. In addition to this, the speedy SSD makes sure that the game is loaded much faster and the overall speeds of other operations are increased.

Potenza Super Stock from Maingear

best gaming computer, gaming systems

      gaming computer performance

Maingear brings you one of the best gaming computer available today, the feature rich Potenza Super Stock. This power packed system comes with a small chassis. Maingear does not allow you to build the system on your own, as they do not sell the case individually. Even if you were provided with the tiny cases, you would definitely find it difficult to pack up all the hardware in them. However, even with its tiny size, you can play all the action and power packed games with the best graphics and effects without any lags.

Potenza’s high-end configuration allows you to play games like Batman: Arkham City, Skyrim and Battlefield 3 at 1920*1080 frame rate. You also have a 30 GB SSD drive. This SSD drive works together with the main hard drive of 500 GB capacity to give you the best performance and speed during data transfers. The operating system loads in 30 seconds and its low response time makes it one among the best gaming computer in the market.

The two gaming PCs, which we have reviewed in our article, give you the best performance under a price tag of $1500. Go through their configurations and find out which one suits you best. Let this vacation be fun filled and exciting.

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